What Customers Say

Costomer Feedback

    John, You are an exemplary figure in this industry, you are a shining light and I can hopefully help that light to shine brighter....      

... ... Pete Gregson, CA USA, 8th. July, 2017


    John, Did you see the figures for jan 6, nearly made 160kwh for the day, best day ever.

... ... Allan, Australia, 16th. Jan, 2014

    John, I have installed a few of your turbine and hit of 3 manufacturers, you have the most accurate and reliable power production eating. To be honest sawt is the only vawt I have dealt with that works.

... ... Logan, USA, Oct, 2013

    Good to hear from you. The Beswick turbine figures are impressive. Is this a 10kw machine? If so, peak outputs of 65kWh in a day is a good figure. Puts a lie to the notion that VAWTs don’t work. I’d say John is impressed…

... ... Quentin, Ireland, Jul, 2013

    Machine has been working perfectly in light winds (Summer period)

... ... Matthew, Australia, Feb, 2013, 

    Wanted to let you know that there has been a very successful installation of a 10Kw VAWT here in Tasmania, Australia.

  - Machine is installed in an excellent wind harvest area and prominent position.

  - Installation was fast and of excellent quality.

  - Machine is well balanced and works perfectly producing good generation at all wind speeds.

  - New brake is excellent as is the battery back up although we would like to know how long it will hold the turbine with no input charge from the mains supply.

  - New coated nuts and bolts are superior to the stainless steel ones provided on the last unit.

... ... Matthew, Australia, Jan, 2013, 

    By the way Mattie says you will be very happy with our figures on the 10kw, he is more than impressed .

    The last 2 nights, Paul has had major winds at his house and so far all is good, he says he will have great figures from these winds.

    I was there 2 weeks ago and both inverters where on and average between 2500 and 4500 all morning.

... ... Allen, Australia, Sep, 2012

    On arrival the weather was so bad, pouring rain and strong winds, we set the 500 watt turbine up and it was spinning lovely,

... ... Allen, Australia, Aug, 2012, 

    Machine has been operating faultlessly since the brake dog was replaced. Machine is capable of generating far more in a better location.

... ... Matthew, Australia, Jun, 2012

    Plus everyone is super impressed by your turbine and it is pumping out good figures on windy days

... ... Allen, Australia, Apr, 2012

    The 10 Kw Machine, Stowport, Tasmania, Aust. has been running well, some days of 60 Kw hours+ outputted from the Turbine/Alternator over 24 hours. 12Kw peek outputs sustained with no trips, or load shed. Operating AC output voltages have fallen inside all Australian and Local Standards.

    Brakes have not operated for some time now, as Machine is correctly installed, programmed and commissioned running well..

    PCI has been set up running Aurora Power 1 Software.

    Very interested in any Electrical Specifications on the new 50 Kw SAWT Machine, including Alternator, grid feed connections, controller output voltages, inverter used. Any information highly regarded as there is interest in this size machine from Customers and myself as installing engineer.

... ... Matthew, Australia, Mar, 2012 

    John, accidents happen, we are very impressed with your back up, the brakes work brilliant, 20 second stop in a 20 knot wind, great.

... ... Allen, Australia, Nov, 2011

    It had done 1023 kw in over 3 months. Another installation had done 343 kw in just over a month.

    The UK wind over the last 6 months has been very poor. One site where the average windspeed was said to be 5.3m/s, we put a monitor there for the last 6 months and it was only 2.9m/s. This low speeds have been particular to the whole country. I know probably next year it may well be 7.9m/s to average it out, but it doesn’t help in the short term.

... ... Ian, UK, May, 2011

    John, we have very good news from yesterday. Wind speeds were between 18 to 30 mph and for the first time I have seen any of our 10kw machine do 10.2 kw+ which over a 3 hour period we saw on many occasions.

... ... Ian, UK, Mar, 2011

    One of them was completed Friday and the wind was so quiet it did only 400 watts over 2 days, but it was only 4-8mph.

... ... Ian, UK, Mar. 2011

    Will have some daily outputs shortly. Up to last week had done 165 kwh in one month, but after high wind now on 376 kwh so did 210 in one week, which is highest total from any machine we have seen, but still should be more. We are persevering and will give you regular updated.

    The lack of noise is very very impressive.

    The new model is very very smooth, just need to get the power out now.

... ... Ian, UK, Feb, 2011

    The really good news are the noise levels, very much now a world beater!! 

    Everyone is so impressed.

... ... Ian, UK, Feb, 2011

    Since putting up one of the new turbines and commissioning the electrics (10 days ago)there has been no wind, apart from it's first day, when there was an average 13 mph wind and it did circa 25 kwh in that day. 

    There is no noise!!

... ... Ian, UK, Dec, 2010

    My electronic engineer is totally impressed with your system, up until this point i have made all decisions on which Turbines to import into the Australian market, i personally have been impressed with your turbine from the first time i laid eyes on it.

... ... Allen, Australia, Aug, 2010

    Sorry for the delay.  While I was in Arizona looking at the 3kW SAWT and 3kW HAWT a dealer of ours installed, they had winds upwards of 60 mph hour.  At that point the anemometer broke so we really don't know how high the wind speed really was.  But, your 3kW VAWT worked just fine under such conditions.  In fact this sight has had 40 to 60 mph winds for the last month and a half and your turbine has performed well.

... ... Peter, US, May, 2010

    Thought you might want to know, they changed the old controller on the 3kW turbine for the new one (mppt) and the turbine is producing about twice as much power as before.  I will be going to the site next week to see how everything is.  The HAWT that is next to your unit cracked it's blades in 70+ mph winds.  Your turbine did very well.  I will keep you posted on this site.

... ... Peter, USA, Apr, 2010

    The 10kw Ulf saw, has however produced 300 kwh in 2 1/2 weeks so this is encouraging, especially when we can load more at the higher wind speeds than we have done.

... .. Ian, UK, Sep., 2009, 

    On another note, the Boston installation has now gone ahead without hitches and I will be forwarding pictures of this to you under separate e-mail - it looks fantastic!! And the customers are delighted.

... ... Ian, UK, Mar, 2009