Super Turbine

The core technology of Super Turbine called “active real-time attack angle regulation” is based on “Bernoulli” principle . On a fixed circular orbit, based on blades position and speed, wind direction and speed, the adjustment of the relative angle of all blades is automatically done at real-time. That makes the conversion of the wind energy in the most efficient way. Super Turbine capacity is ranged within 7 to 50 MW. At present, this technology is patented in the world and authorized by Talos.

Wind Tunnel Test 1

2m/s wind speed tunnel test


The test device is a 1m x 1.36m VAWT in a wind tunnel with 2m/s wind speed. The torque is (0.9-1)N.M at 44 RPM. The conversion rate of wind energy to mechanical energy reaches 68%, surpassing the limit of 59.3% by Betz Law that is based on HAWT type of windmill, a single desk rotation in a two-dimensionl space, while the VAWT is a multiple desk rotation in a three-dimensional space. Hence Talos’ wind energy conversion rate is higher than any HAWT products by Betz Law

Wind Tunnel Test 2

4m/s wind speed tunnel test

Tower Structure Calculation

Example 1

Tower Structure Calculation

Example 2

P10K-AB, High Speed Wind Test 1

Inner-Mongolia Test Farm, China

P5000-AB, High Speed Wind Test 2

Inner-Mogolia Test Farm, Chinan

P5K-AB Test Report

Tested at Inner-Mongolia Test Farm, China 2015

P5K-AB VAWT Test Report Inner-Mongolia (pdf)


P10K-AB, High Speed Wind Test 3

Inner Mongolia Test Farm, China

P10K-AB, Low Speed Wind Test 1

Inner Mongolia Test Farm, China

P10K-AB, Low Speed Wind Test 2

Inner Mongolia Test Farm, China


University of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

University of Riyadh Test Data in 2015

VAWT-TaQati pilot plant data-C (pdf)