Management Team

John Yan - President & CEO


Education: Bachelor degree in Electric engineering (1983)

Work Experience: John is the founder and president of SAWT Corporation and TALOS Industry Corporation. John has more than 12 years of system design experiences in VAWT industry. With his unique and outstanding design including many patented new features, there are over 3000 small VAWT systems successfully installed in 60 countries. Because of that, SAWT Corp. became one of the most successful VAWT Enterprises in the world. 

     John is the top level designer of VAWT system worldwide and invented the Super Turbine in 2014 which is the representation of the subversive wind power generation technology. John owns numerous patents registered in China, USA, Korea, European and other countries.

     John is also one of the key drafters of China's national standard GB-T29494-2103 for small and medium vertical wind turbines. He is one of the national silver award winners from the China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award in 2016.

Michael Shen - VP


Education: Bachelor’s degree in Math (1982); Masters’ degree in EE (1988); MBA (1995)

Work Experience: Michael worked as assistant teacher at Chengdu University of Technology (1982-1985); After that, he obtained Master’s degree from Beijing Jiaotong University in Beijing, China; Michael then continued his MBA program at Saint Michael’s College, Vermont, USA. 

    Between 1996 and 2007, Michael worked for Lucent Technology, Axiowave Networks as principal software engineer in network communication and IP security areas.

    Since 2007, Michael has joined Raytheon Company, one of the largest government defense contractors. Michael has been focusing on ATC (Air Traffic Control) system design and integration. Michael has over 11 years of experiences of representing Raytheon Company to provide ATC system support and services to FAA and DOD.

Paul Vukson - Canada Partner


Education: Graduated Flight School (1977)

Paul is a recently retired Airline Captain with Air Canada Jazz having flown over 35 years.  He was Senior Pilot in a management position developing policies for Logistics in Transportation and developing procedures as a Safety Officer prior to employment with Jazz Aviation. He realized the need for alternative energy in isolated locations. Paul formed a company Wind Sail Energy Inc. with the intent of marketing   a VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine) produced by Talos Industries Corporation.  Wind Sail Energy is responsible for importing, logistics, construction and managing specialty contractors in Ontario, Canada. The 1 kw, 3 kw and 10 kw Vertical Axis Wind Turbine were the first to be certified up to Canadian Standards Association CSA with the initial windmill being approved for an on-grid connection in Ontario. Wind Sail Energy Inc. is headquartered in Brantford, Ontario and is responsible for Canadian marketing and distribution.

Zhong Ding - Manufacturing & Craft Director


Education: Graduated from Xi-An Petroleum University in 1992

With 30 years of experiences in mechanical manufacturing, Mr. Ding successfully established Yang-Zhou Rui-Shang Mechanical Manufacturing Co Ltd in early 2006. The company specializes in providing solutions for most difficult and complicated problems. Mr Ding is recognized as the top level expert in Chinese Manufacturing industry.

      Mr.Ding Zhong has developed the first large alumina blender, high-precision rotary compressor and full-automatic folding machine of wheel in China.

Javier Agudelo - Latin America Marketing


Education: Graduated at University of Edinburgh, Scotland, Bachelor of Marketing & Member of the Trade Leaders Club in Europe

Work Experience: Javier has 25 years of experience in positioning international companies in Latin America, began his career with management Sales of Wine Cellar in Colombia, making it the country's largest company in the area, then opened operations for the Oil Repsol in the Caribbean and Bayer AG in Latin America. He has developed a portfolio of leading companies from Mexico to Argentina with emphasis on M & A business, Food, Energy and Telecommunications. Javier also involved in the positioning of Farm Management USA in Argentina and Brazil in the acquisition of large tracts of agricultural and livestock land. Currently, he is an Exclusive Representative of TALOS INDUSTRIES OF Latin America and has contracts to develop business for Waste to Energy in Latin America and Asia.

Xiang-Nan Yang - Production Director


Education: Graduated at the Air Force Political Academy

Work Experience: Working for SAWT Shanghai since 2010 and has been a manager for production line. He has more than 15 years experience in plant management Technical advisor.

Dong Zhang - Quality Control Director


Education: Graduated at Hefei industry University

Work Experience: Senior mechanical design engineer of SAWT Inc. and Super Turbine Inc. He worked for  SAWT since 2005, in charge of mechanical and structural design. He has 14 plus years experience in mechanical area. He is also experienced in the installation and service of small wind turbines.